BC Nutrition Leads the way in innovation

"Leading the Way by Making the food you love... even better."


Superior brands

Our successful brands and products underscore our commitment to excellence.  V-Force™, NEXT SUGAR™ and Terra-Foods™ each stand as individually distinctive brands while remaining true to our central goal of improving the simple foods that people already know and love, (while maintaining the essential character of those foods.)

Superior technology

BC Nutrition™ continues to lead the functional food industry with innovative technological advances. We are constantly coming up with new and unique ways to make food healthier, tastier, and more convenient. Our facilities employ the most advanced equipment including a revolutionary drying process so that we may consistently offer new and unique products to our loyal customers.



Responsible & conscious products

With our newest advances in biodegradable packaging, we hope to inspire a better world.



*Contact our offices to inquire about our branded products as well as special order product development.